About Us

The Aida Youth Center is located in Aida refugee camp, in an area north of Bethlehem covering 0.71 square kilometers. The camp hosts over 4,700 refugees, 60% of whom are under the age of 24 (almost 40% of the camp’s inhabitants are under the age of 14). The Aida Youth Center was established in 1968, with the main objective of serving the local community in Aida camp, especially its youth, from both genders. The Center’s vision is to creatively make a brighter future where everyone can live in freedom, peace and justice, enjoying better life conditions.

Despite setbacks throughout the Center’s history, and the recent construction of the Separation (or Annexation) Wall at the edge of our camp, we continue to work to realize this vision. Our mission is to empower our youth to take a leading and creative role in serving the local community. With everyone’s participation we can change the status quo, improve the refugees’ harsh living conditions, increase local and international awareness of the rights of Palestinian Refugees, and provide creative projects and activities for the whole community and its young people. We believe in holding to the highest values of responsibility and transparency, and that with everyone’s participation we can make creative, positive changes.